Cyber Security Group Introduction


The Cyber Security (CYS) Group is within the Intelligent Systems Department in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics of the Delft University of Technology. It was established in January 2014.

Research Subjects

  • Computing with Encrypted Data
    • Secure Information Sharing
    • Homomorphic Encryption
    • Lightweight Cryptography
  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning
    • Privacy Preserving Data Mining
    • Automated Reverse Engineering
    • Botnet Detection
    • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Applications of (Quantum) Information Theory
    • Information Theoretic Security and Privacy
    • Quantum Information, Computation, Crypto, Error Correction (within QuTech)


  • [Jan 1] Prof. Pieter Hartel is the new chair of the group. We would like to thank Prof. Jan van den Berg for his amazing contribution in the creation and leading of the group, and wish him good luck in his retirement. We also extend our warm welcome to Prof. Hartel. 
  • [Sep 1] 4TU NIRICT Cyber Security Theme introduces the best MSc thesis award on cyber security. More information is here.
  • [April 18] A new MSc course is available now! Privacy Enhancing Technologies!
  • [March 1] The first Hacking Workshop for this year will take place on the 17th of March. The topic is Reverse Engineering, thanks to Deloitte. Please register here by the end of this week ( We have limited seats.
  • 3TU NIRICT, with support from TNO, is organising the first Dutch Cyber Security Workshop on the 26th of November in the Hague. All researchers, PhDs and MSc students working in the field of cyber security are welcome to join. Please use this link for further information.
  • We are creating a list of students who are interested in hacking and/or willing to participate in CTF type of activities. Please fill in this form here if you want to participate in workshops to be held in the upcoming months.
  • Update: 22 TU Delft Students will be attending the conference! [For interested TU Delft students, free registration to Hardware Security Conference in the Hague is available. - Deadline passed.]


  • Shimano Europe wins first BMC Cyber Award. Pieter Hartel was one of the jurors.
  • The paper No domain left behind: is Let’s Encrypt democratizing encryption? by Maarten Aertsen et al (December 2016) was picked up by news sites reddit and Schneier on Security.
  • A team of scientists from Radboud University and TU Delft managed to get a perfect score at the Rigorous Examination of Reactive Systems (RERS) challenge in October 2016.
  • Prof. Jan van den Berg, Michel van Eeten and Ibo van de Poel received an ERC grant for the HORIZON2020 proposal CANVAS: Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity.
  • Annual group trip this year was at Royal Delft! Groups members showed that they are also the masters of Delft Blue!
  • Delft students participated in the conference in the Hague.
  • Theo Swart, associate professor at the University of Johannesburg, visits the CYS group from Sept. 20 to Oct. 31, 2015.
  • On August 31, 2015, Sandra Wolff succeeded Saskia Peters as the secretary of the CYS group.
  • [July 2015] Christian Doerr contributed to several articles in the Dutch media on the hacking of cars, see NRC, NPO Radio 1, NRC.
  • TU Delft and NTU Singapore sign MoU for cooperation in Cyber Security. On Monday June 8, 2015, Professor Thambipillai Srikanthan, Head of the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore and Professor Rob Fastenau, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology signed a memorandum of understanding. The School of Computer Engineering at NTU and the faculties EEMCS and TPM at Delft agreed to investigate opportunities for joint teaching and research in the area of systems oriented, experimental and multi-disciplinary cyber security as well as opportunities for staff and student exchange in the area of cyber security.
  • Great news (May 13, 2015): Stephanie Wehner has been awarded an NWO VIDI grant, see here.
  • Zeki Erkin is giving an invited talk on "Security and Privacy in Big Data" during the 2nd National Cryptography Days at the Turkish Academy of Sciences, 9-11 April, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The second Hacker's Workshop: Challenges Solved took place on the 26th of March, 2015. Thanks to the support by Riscure!
  • Zeki Erkin is in the organization committee of IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security to be held in Rome in December 2015.
  • Jos Weber is a member of the organizing committee of the European School of Information Theory, Zandvoort, April 20-24, 2015.
  • Lingling Lao, a recent MSc graduate from NWPU in Xi'an, China, will stay in the CYS group from February 2015 for a period of six months.
  • CYS members contribute to the Delft Data Science New Year Event 2015: Big Data Analytics for Cyber Situational Awareness, January 26, 2015.
  • Zeki Erkin is organizing a Hacker's Workshop, Delft, January 22, 2015.
  • On January 9, 2015, members of the CYS group celebrated the new year at Jos Weber's home in Schiedam. At this occasion, the group also said farewell to Jasper Goseling, whose term as a post-doc ended by Dec. 31, 2014. Jasper will continue as an assistant professor at the University of Twente.
    More pictures can be found here.
  • Thijs Veugen managed to have two of his papers accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security.
    • "A framework for secure computations with two non-colluding servers and multiple clients, applied to recommendations", Thijs Veugen, Robbert de Haan, Ronald Cramer, and Frank Muller. Link to IEEE Xplore
    • "Linear round bit-decomposition of secret-shared values", Thijs Veugen. Link to IEEE Xplore
    These papers are scheduled to appear in the January or February 2015 issue.
  • In November 2014, Stephanie Wehner, expert in the area of quantum information, has joined the CYS group. She will be teaching the course in4403 Quantum Computing in the second semester.
  • Zeki Erkin has been elected for the IEEE SPS Technical Committee on Information Forensics and Security for the term 2015-2018.
  • Sicco Verwer is one of the lecturers at the Fifth Van der Meulen Seminar (University of Twente, Nov. 27, 2014), organized by Jasper Goseling. The theme of the seminar is "Data science at the intersection of information theory, statistics, and machine learning''.
  • The paper entitled "On (the Emergence of) Cyber Security Science and its Challenges for Cyber Security Education" by Jan van den Berg, Jacqueline van Zoggel, Mireille Snels, Mark van Leeuwen, Sergei Boeke, Leo van de Koppen, Jan van der Lubbe, Bibi van den Berg, and Tony de Bos has won the BEST PAPER AWARD at the NATO STO/IST-122 symposium in Tallinn, October 13-14, 2014, a beautiful result based on fruitful cooperation between scientists and lecturers fom the Cyber Security Academy The Hague and the LDE Center Safety & Security.
  • Sicco Verwer appears in the video clip of the film "Onbegrensde Wetenschap".
  • On September 17, 2014, members of the CYS group had a very nice social activity at Outdoor Valley, followed by a BBQ at Jan van den Berg's home in Rotterdam.
    More pictures can be found here.
  • On September 1, 2014, Mingxiao Ma joint the CYS Group as a PhD student. He will be working on the topic "Secure and Reliable Physical Layer Network Coding".

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