Cyber Security Group Introduction


The Cyber Security (CYS) Group is within the Intelligent Systems Department in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics of the Delft University of Technology. It was established in January 2014.

Research Subjects

  • Computing with Encrypted Data
    • Secure Information Sharing
    • Homomorphic Encryption
    • Lightweight Cryptography
  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning
    • Privacy Preserving Data Mining
    • Automated Reverse Engineering
    • Botnet Detection
    • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Applications of (Quantum) Information Theory
    • Information Theoretic Security and Privacy
    • Quantum Information, Computation, Crypto, Error Correction (within QuTech)


  • [Jan 1] Prof. Pieter Hartel is the new chair of the group. We would like to thank Prof. Jan van den Berg for his amazing contribution in the creation and leading of the group, and wish him good luck in his retirement. We also extend our warm welcome to Prof. Hartel.
  • We are creating a list of students who are interested in hacking and/or willing to participate in CTF type of activities. Please fill in this form here if you want to participate in workshops to be held in the upcoming months.


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