MSc Theses

Student Thesis Title Graduation date
Krijn Wijnands Using Endpoits Process Information for Malicious Behavior Detection September 2015
Katrien Meijdam Phishing as a Service: Designing an Ethical Way of Mimicking Targeted Phishing Attacks to Train Employees September 2015
Rick van Holsteijn The Motivation of Attackers in Attack Tree Analysis August 2015
Archana Bindu Sunil (VU) Secure License Plate Matching using Homomorphic Encryption July 2015
Mengyao Liu Maximum Energy Benefit of Compute-and-Forward for Multiple Unicast Sessions July 2015
Neeti Hattangadi Towards multi-actor collaboration for cyber security January 2015
Nishan Marc Pereira The Incident Prevention Team, A Proactive Approach to Information Security January 2015
Roy van der Valk Why My Payment Got Rejected, A Method to Mine Payment Refusal Clues January 2015
Mircea Cadariu Tracking known security vulnerabilities in third-party components August 2014
Amir Piltan A Business Model Framework for a Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service Platform August 2014
Juan Marin A Technology Roadmap for Providing Predictive Analytics Services July 2014
Bart Spijkervet Less is more, A theory driven research project to determine what collaboration design best supports the sharing of pragmatic cyber security related information between organisations February 2014