Open MSc Thesis Projects

  • Bachelor/Master projects in Quantum Information (email Stephanie Wehner)
  • Implementation of Secure Spectral Clustering
    Spectral clustering is a way of clustering connected data into rings, e.g. to find bio-markers for health applications. When the involved data is sensitive, like for most health applications, one would like to find secure solutions, e.g. by encrypting private inputs before performing the clustering algorithm. Since the involved clustering algorithm, which involves computing eigenvalues of matrices, is not easily translated to the encrypted domain, it is important to learn how fast such a ‘secure spectral clustering’ solution would perform. We are looking for a computer science or mathematics student, who is able and willing to implement our foreseen solution. This could be done during a TNO internship. For more information (email Thijs Veugen) or look at link text
  • There are a number of projects available on Security and Privacy.
    There are also many possibilities to work at companies like IBM, FOX-IT, Riscure, ENCS etc. during master projects.
    IBM: Anonymization techniques for Privacy protection in OPEN DATA.
    FOX-IT: A number of topics can be found here: Topics 
    Please take a look at Zeki Erkin's personal page for a list of potential topics and further information.