Course Contributions CYS Group 2015/2016

TU Delft BSc Courses

Quarter Course Lecturer(s)
Q1 Signaalverwerking Lagendijk (with Liem)
Q2 Calculus Weber (with vdDries et al.)

TU Delft MSc EE Courses

Quarter Course Lecturer(s)
Q2 Wireless Communications Weber (with Janssen, Litjens, Pawelczak)
Q3 Information Theory Weber (with Heusdens)
Q4 Error-Correcting Codes Weber

3TU Cyber Security MSc Program

Quarter Course Lecturer(s)
Q1 Security and Cryptography Erkin, vdLubbe (with Peter, UT)
Q1 Fundamentals of Quantum Info Wehner (with DiCarlo)
Q2 Quantum Comm & Crypto Wehner
Q3 Hacking Lab Doerr (with Pouwelse)
Q3 Network Security Doerr
Q3 Software Testing and Rev. Eng. Verwer (with vDeursen)
Q4 Fundamentals of Data Analytics (TBM) vd Berg
Q4 Cyber Data Analytics Verwer
Q4 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Erkin (with Peter, UT)

Cyber Security Academy

The TU Delft Cyber Security Group contributes to the Cyber Security Academy: Jan van den Berg is scientific director and core lecturer, Jan van der Lubbe is core lecturer.