Christian Doerr's picture
Christian Doerr
Assistent Professor
Expertise: cyber security, critical infrastructure, resilience engineering, network systems
Inald Lagendijk's picture
Inald Lagendijk
Full Professor & Head of Computer Science Department: Intelligent Systems
Expertise: Multimedia signal processing; Computational privacy
Jan van den Berg's picture
Jan van den Berg
Expertise: Data Analytics, Cyber Security (Risk Management)
Jan van der Lubbe's picture
Jan van der Lubbe
Associate professor
Philip Zimmermann's picture
Philip Zimmermann
Associate professor
Expertise: Cryptography and data security, public policy aspects of privacy and surveillance
Pieter Hartel's picture
Pieter Hartel
Professor, Head of the Cyber Security Group
Expertise: Cyber Security and Crime Science
Sicco Verwer's picture
Sicco Verwer
Assistant professor
Expertise: (State) Machine Learning, Automated Reverse-Engineering, Cyber Security, Algorithms, and Combinatorial Optimization
Zekeriya Erkin's picture
Zekeriya Erkin
Assistant professor
Expertise: Privacy by Design, Secure Signal Processing, Computational Privacy

Senior research staff

Zhijie Ren's picture
Zhijie Ren
Expertise: Blockchain, Consensus Algorithm, Network information theory

Junior research staff

Chibuike Ugwuoke's picture
Chibuike Ugwuoke
PhD Student
Expertise: Private Information Retrieval; Homomorphic Encryption; Private Genome Analyses
Gamze Tillem's picture
Gamze Tillem
PhD Student
Majid Nateghizad's picture
Majid Nateghizad
PhD Student
Mark Luchs's picture
Mark Luchs
PhD Candidate
Nino Pellegrino's picture
Nino Pellegrino
PhD Student
Oğuzhan Ersoy's picture
Oğuzhan Ersoy
PhD Student
Qin Lin's picture
Qin Lin
PhD Student
Expertise: (State) Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing

Support staff

Bart Vastenhouw's picture
Bart Vastenhouw
Robbert Eggermont's picture
Robbert Eggermont
System administrator, research and teaching support
Ruud de Jong's picture
Ruud de Jong
Sandra Wolff's picture
Sandra Wolff